1.) All Income Statements (W-2's, 1099's, Receipts, Etc.)


2.) Dependant Information (Children, Parents, Nieces/Nephews, Boyfriends, Etc.) Name, SSN & DOB's


3.) ID Information: Driver's License # (Expiration & Issue Date, Issuing State) (For E-File Only)


4.) Banking Information (Name of the bank/credit union & Account Type: Checking or Savings, Routing & Acct #)


5.) Prior Year AGI (Adjustment Gross Income) & Copies of prior year tax returns/forms (For E-File Only)


6.) Current Email Address


7.) DOB of the primary & secondary (if applicable) taxpayers


8.) IN Residents: Amount of monthly rent, how many months rented for prior year, landlord name & email address



NOTE: This information is needed even if I filed your tax return last year because your information may have changed in the last 365 days.




Thanks for your cooperation!